The Key-Points Report: House of Representatives May 13th. 2022. Belmopan

The following were the ‘Key Points’ of today’s House of Representatives meeting in Belmopan.

  1. A Motion for the ‘Posthumous Pardon’ of Mrs. Nora Parham, who was sentenced to death and hanged in 1963.
  2. A Loan Motion (USD 26.2-million from World Bank ) For COVID Vaccines and Medical Supplies and Training.
  3. The ‘Company’s Act will require Peddlers and Entertainers to have a ‘Traders Licenses’.
  4. Loan Motion ( USD $25-million from World Bank ), For Agriculture Projects
    a). Small Farmers to receive matching-funds Grant, via new loan program.
    b). 30% of the grants will be set-aside for women farmers.
  5. A motion to support Taiwan’s bid to become a member of the United Nations was introduced.

At today’s House of Representatives meeting: The Minister of Agriculture Hon. Jose Mai highlighted trade with Mexico, The following is the audio portion of minister Mai’s statement.

He applauded Mexico’s decision to lift Tariff’s on Belize’s exports to Mexico. Noting that the opportunity was historic and, that last year Belize imported $230-million worth of products from Mexico and the challenge now is to export agricultural products to Mexico.