A New Judge Has Been Sworn In: Arif Bulkan Joins Belize’s Court of Appeals

Basic Info About The Court of Appeals
The Court of Appeals is where litigants can appeal rulings or judgements made by the high-court (previously known as the supreme court).
And the only other higher court above the ‘Court of Appeals’ is the Caribbean Court of Justice.

On Monday May 9th. a new judge joins the bench of the ‘Court of Appeals’. He is Justice Arif Bulkan, and he was sworn in via a virtual ceremony with the Governor General: Froyla Tzalam and Attorney General Hon. Magali Marin Young.
GOB Press Statement

According the press-statement, Justice Arif Bulkan has sat as a justice on the Court of Appeal bench in Guyana and has experience in human rights and criminal law background as well as experience as a law lecturer and published writer on constitutional law.

Partial Bio of: Christopher Arif Bulkan