GOB’s Vital Moves Towards Better Management & Coordination Of Development Financing

‘ The government is indicating its intention for an organized structure, of how development projects will be managed and coordinated. which is the first step to indicate that the management of development will be professional’

Today the Government of Belize, and its architect of development-financing “Christopher Coye’ and the Ministry of Economic Development CEO Dr. Osmond Martinez organized the first formal gathering, with the goal of planning ‘Development-Financing’,

All that ‘jargon‘ may through you for a loop !, But , in plain terms!, the purpose of this first forum was to get all or most of the key people in 1 room to begin to structure how the financing of development projects will, or should be coordinated.

Dr. Osmond Martinez
CEO Ministry of Economic Development

It is what the Briceno administration says is the planning needed to “Move towards achieving the goals of the Plan Belize Development Strategy”.

The government says “The Ministry of Economic Development will work in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank and the European Union as primary partners of its development goals.

The forum took place on Friday May 6th. 2022, in the tourism hub of Placencia in the Stann Creek district, and in attendance (see photo) were senior members of the administration and representatives from various sectors of the government, and representatives from the IDB, the World Bank and the Caribbean Development Bank.

A glance of how development-financing is coordinated in other Caribbean countries like Barbados {pdf} and Jamaica will reveal a similar effort by those governments to demonstrate that the old ways of simply getting financing and throw it at poverty-alleviation projects are ancient:
The new architects of development are coming with better planning, better management and better auditing of progress.

To be continued: Our interview with Minister Christopher Coye May 10th.