Alexis Rosado ( Belize’s Ambassador to European Union) Faces Accusation Of Child Sexual Abuse

This afternoon, when the courtrooms were fairly empty, Alexis Rosado, Belize’s Ambassador to the European Union turned himself into Belmopan police, then walked over to the Belmopan Magistrates court to be arraigned on charges of Child Sexual Abuse (rape).

The charges stem from incidents that reportedly occurred when a child was 13 years old and continued for several years up to 2021, all the incidents reportedly occurred in the Belmopan area.

Consequently, The ‘Office of Public Prosecution’ has decided to press charges, based on the evidence presented after an investigation was carried out by police.

Alexis Rоѕаdо hаѕ been a career diplomat in Belize for several years, In the previous administration he was Belize’s ambassador to Guatemala and prior to that he was CEO in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.