What Is A Government & A Style Of How To Govern

The saying goes, ‘A Picture Says A Thousand Words‘ because the idea is that in the picture there are many stories, like the photo above,

There is the story of the old-man getting his land papers sorted out after decades of work and toil.

Then there is the story of the people in the background and what they are doing, and the road that lead them to this point.

Then there is the story of the man in the office chair and how he got to be there and how he is serving the needs and progress of the people in the country and the department / ministry that he manages.

Then there is the story of his boss and his bosses wife and how they influence the attitude, style and culture of the government that they run.

The style of a management team is everything, and when that team is a government, they influence the mood of an entire nation; the way we wake up in the morning and view the world around us, and how we see ourselves, and our lives, and how we think of the function of that thing called ‘The Government’.

And so, yes ‘A Picture Says A Thousand Words’ and If some words came to mind for the following picture, it would be. This is a Picture of the entity known as ‘THE PEOPLE’, an accurate cross-section of the Belizean population. (click photos to enlarge)

On Thursday and Friday, April 7th & 8th. the Lands Department took up temporary residence at the San Jose Nuevo Palmar community center where they resolved land issues for hundreds of residents of Orange Walk East.
From: L – R. – Minister of Lands Cordel Hyde, Prime Minister John Briceno and Minister of Health Kevin Bernard

What Is A Government? ( study.com )
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What do you think of when you hear the word ‘government’? Does, ‘The Assembly Building in Belmopan’., come to mind? or, Maybe you get a mental picture of the Prime Minister or The House of Representatives. You might even think about words like ‘power’ or ‘control’ or ‘rules’ or ‘politics.’ But can you define ‘government’? Take a moment and try.

It’s hard, isn’t it? Government is so ingrained in our culture and so much a part of our everyday lives that most of us, when asked, can’t offer a very good definition of the actual word.

Dictionaries and scholars define government in different ways. Let’s build a word map to help us sort out these definitions. We’ll begin by writing the word ‘government’ and circling it. Then we’ll draw lines connecting each definition to our central term.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary offers three definitions of government:

  1. ‘the group of people who control and make decisions for a country, state, etc.’
  2. ‘a particular system used for controlling a country, state, etc.’
  3. ‘the process or manner of controlling a country, state, etc.’

Notice here that government can be defined by the people involved, the system in place, or the process in use.

Dr. Harold Damerow, a professor of government and history, gets a bit more specific with his definition. He says that government is ‘responsible primarily for making public policy for an entire society.’ He also mentions that government is ‘the steering mechanism for a given society.’ It forms the policies that keep a particular society heading in the right direction.

Finally, Black’s Law Dictionary mentions that institutions of the government ‘regulate the relationships among members of a society and between the society and outsiders’ and that they ‘have the authority to make decisions for the society’ to meet goals and maintain order.

While all of these definitions help us grasp the meaning of the word ‘government,’ they provide a lot to remember, so let’s summarize. Government, whether we refer to the system or institutions in operation, the group of people in charge, or the process in use, is the authority that sets rules for a society, helps its members relate to one another and to others, and keeps it running smoothly, securely, and peacefully.