Jamaica’s Lisa Hanna ON Democracy NOW: Explains It Best

The member of Jamaica’s Parliament rebuffed claims that she snubbed Kate Middleton, in the discussions with Democracy NOW, she cordially commented on: The Royals – Reparations – Jamaica’s Decision To Become A Republic – The Windrush Generation, 300 years of Slavery and Injustice whilst they became wealthy

A member of Jamaica’s Parliament ‘Lisa Hanna’ has explained the Royals Visit to the Caribbean, and the questions of Reparations so perfectly on
It was so wonderful to see a princess of our Caribbean speak frankly and cordially about the truth.

And.! Many people throughout the Caribbean may have forgotten the immigrants from the Caribbean referred to as the
Windrush Generation , and, that just a few decades ago, many Jamaicans who were invited to England after World War 2, worked all their lives and built their families there, they were then deported to Jamaica.

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