Less We Forget: Politics Is About Facts, And Of Service To The People: And Who Has The Best Record Of Representing The People

updated: 4.30pm Tuesday March 22nd. 2022

The news spread like wild-fire, that Shyne became a doctor, and received his degree from a university in Liberia.

Our latest information is that “Jamal Barrow” aka Shyne, attended Midwood High School in Brooklyn New York, but did not complete and he dropped-out without graduating. Shyne then became a rapper.

It is important that the young people of Belize, and adults !, be aware that you cannot become a doctor in 3 days, and that an honorary degree is like receiving a plaque or proclamation. So we hope he doesn’t return to Belize and sign his name ‘dr,Shyne’ or have others address him as dr,Shyne.

It is very important to know the past achievements of a politician and their record of representing and service to the people that elected them to political office. In Shyne’s case 910 people in the Mesopotamia division, the smallest in the nation.

In a strange and ironic, comical twist and 100% fact, Research has indicated that Dr. Idi Amin got the same doctorate from the same university in Liberia.
An honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters

Less We Forget, Politics Is About Facts, And of service to the people: and
(a) who has the best record of representing the people,
(b) improving the lives of the people they represent.
(c) have a good record in business, so we can be confident that they can run the business of the peoples money.

Jamal Barrow, aka Shyne has had countless opportunities to prove that he was capable of improving the music industry in Belize, and improving the marketability of Belizean musicians, throughout the Caribbean and the Caribbean diaspora, a sector of business that he is very familiar with.

Fact: In 2020 Jamaican musicians made over $170-$180million (US$) marketing their music all over the Caribbean and Caribbean diaspora.

Jamal Barrow (aka Shyne ) had many years to improve that sector for Belizean musicians and entertainers, when he was music-ambassador.

He should have, set up talent competitions to discover Belizeans that were good in music and or entertainment,
He should have set up music studios to help talented musician and entertainers refine their craft,
He should have helped Belizean musicians with training and voice/singing lessons.
He should have helped them design attractive music covers (marcom material) and imported professionals to have seminars and work-shops for Belizean entertainers.

Jamal ‘Shyne’ Barrow is still in training.

Written & Compiled by: channel1Belize.com / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Tuesday, March 22nd. 2022 – channel1belize@gmail.com

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Fact: 1n 1996 Southampton College gave ‘Kermit’ the frog an honorary Doctorate.