Dis Da Belize, Stop Yo Rass ! – We Noh Play Dat Here

The Government of Belize and the Prime Minister has responded strongly to the claims by a small group of foreigners that have purchased an island off the coast of Belize and has claimed that it is its own country, named ‘The Principality of Islandia’. According to many laws of Belize the claims are a violation of.

Based on the Laws of Belize the following content explains; in a simplified format, the Laws of Belize pertaining to the claims made by the occupants and or person(s) claiming to be the prime minister of Coffee Caye.

a). The naming of any territory (land, village, island, street, road or other psychical location) within the borders of Belize is the sole responsibility and authority of the Government of Belize ( Lands Department ). ergo: you cannot officially give any territory in Belize a name or publish such name as the official name demarcating that location. You may choose to refer to a location with any name you choose, but you cannot disseminate said information as if it were officially sanctioned by the Government and people of Belize.

b). You may not establish or claim to have established or appoint any person or persons as a government or authority over any territory within the borders of Belize and or disseminate such information as officially sanctioned by the Government and people of Belize.

Readers may recall the real-life-story of a place (territory) in the middle of the jungles of Guyana that was similarly given a name by its founders ‘Jonestown’ which was a commune named after its founder ‘James Warren Jones’.

The local authorities in Guyana were all afraid to go to the location because the leader was rumored to be an operative of a secret agency doing mind-control experiments.

The commune ended in horrific tragedy known as the ‘Jonestown Massacre’, “Jim Jones ordered a mass murder-suicide that claimed the lives of 909 commune members, 304 of them children; almost all of the members died by drinking poisonous cool aide”

As mentioned in the news article of March 15th.
The people on that island may well be just folks who have enjoyed some good weed.
But in today’s world of stranger and stranger occurrences that were once considered not likely, we are throwing caution to the wind… ‘Have a nice time in Belize‘ but we don’t play that sort of nonsense here.

Written & Compiled by: channel1Belize.com / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Wednesday, March 16th. 2022 – channel1belize@gmail.com