National Teachers Union Boycotts Belize Bank, Says They Will Move Bank-Accounts In Solidarity With C.W.U

A Brief history of ‘How Did It Get to this point’:
Many years after the failure and collapse of several large business interests, including the Port of Belize Limited, (PBL) which was placed in receivership; and subsequently privatization of the port operations .
The past 15 years of PBL, and its disagreements with the stevedores has come full circle to the question of “what was unfair all those years ago, and what is fairness.

The ‘National Teachers Union’ has called on other unions to stand in solidarity with the CWU Stevedores and their effort to get restitution for the ills that occurred when PBL went into receivership and privatization.

The Belize National Teachers Union has called on other unions to move their bank-accounts from the Belize Bank.

In a press release this afternoon, the unsigned letter, says “BNTU Says TOUCH ONE TOUCH ALL”

The main key statement of the BNTU Press Release said, – – quote – –
After in depth discussions were complete, our Council unanimously voted that we will stand in full support and solidarity with our sister Union, the CWU, and in so doing, our action, in the first instance, will be to withdraw all our Union’s accounts, those of both National and Local Branches, from the Belize Bank Limited. – – end quote – –

The main point of contention is the release of funds, form GOB’s payments to CWU totaling $1.5million.

The Belize Bank has refused to release the money’s based on a court order issued by Justice Lisa Shoman, granting an injunction request from lawyers for the Port of Belize, who are challenging the governments decision to pay CWU Stevedores the money.

Of note is the fact that ‘Port of Belize Limited’ (PBL) is technically owned by the owner of the Belize Bank.

It is not known how much effect (if any) the action will have on the Belize Bank. But as the largest Banking enterprise in the country, the effects may be mainly symbolic, but useful in the views of public opinion.

Written & Compiled by: / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Monday, March 14th. 2022 –