Floralia’s Expansion Into New Bus-Route Met With Strong Protest By Many Bus Operators

Newcomer ‘Floralia’, the bus company which came on the scene with new, clean AC buses, with TV etc. started servicing Punta Gorda -to- Belize City on December 6th. 2021. and after 3 months, the company recently announced plans to begin servicing a new bus-route, from Independence-to-Belmopan-to-Belize City.

Well those plans has been met with much criticism by other Bus Operators, and Floralia has delayed the start of the proposed bus-route from the village of Independence -to- Belmopan – Belize City. by 1 week. As a result the company has changed the date it will start, saying that service for that route will begin on March 21st.

But, on ‘Social Media’ there has been postings and rumors that are calling for road-blocks on the highway and claims that Floralia has silent owners who’s intentions go far beyond the desire to provide ‘Just-Bus-Service’ , there has also been claims and rumors on Social Media that Floralia intends to expand beyond the PG -to-Belize City route.

Those claims or rumors has been rebuffed by the company’s principal, Mr. Marvin Vanzie, who said that Floralia has no intention to expand beyond its current bus-route. But also said via an interview with Channel 7 that ‘since the launching of the PG-to-Belize City run, they have been running, at times with less than 50% passenger capacity for many of the trips.

The bus company that will be the most affected will be ‘James Bus Line’