The Big Business Of Software – In The Caribbean Region

The recent ruling by a Supreme Court ‘Request For Judicial Review’ has brought into focus the growing cost of software, and the growing need for a modern ITC Infrastructure that is Fast, Cheap and Easy to Use by everyone.

The cost of software for governments and private enterprise will become a larger part of their budget in the next few years; as more efficient and sophisticated methods become attractive to department managers.
It is estimated by ( that the Government of Belize will spend at least $15-million (Bz$) yearly on software and other ITC services.

For context: ITC – Information Technology and Communications – systems encompass all telecommunications technologies, software and internet platforms.

Just a few years ago, if you purchased a software application, you would receive a CD-ROM, and to update those applications you would ‘click on an update link from your application provider.

Those days are gone, and antiquated.

Some Important ACRONYMS of Our New Digital Age
(SaaS) Software as a Service
(PaaS) Platform as a Service
(IaaS) Infrastructure as a Service

In Jamaica, the Ministry of Technology and Energy began to adopt a policy ( June 2018) to transition the country’s entire ITC infrastructure to ‘Open-Source’ Software and platforms.