Rampant ‘Drug Plane’ Landings In Belize Again

Updated: Wednesday Feb. 23rd. 7.30pm

And contrary to what an official reported,
NOTE: the drug-plane shown above was 3.5 miles from the Shipyard community, which is not near Carmelita village. (see map)

So. while the media-briefing today was supposed to be a briefing about the drug-plane that landed in the wee-hours of Tuesday morning, we learnt that yet another drug-plane landed, this time it happened in the Toledo district, this morning, Wednesday February 23rd. ( read NEWS-FLASH )

During the press-briefing with the commissioner of police on Wednesday Feb. 23rd., channel 7s ‘Jules Vasquez’ mentioned to the commissioner that the plane could have been carrying as much as 2,000 pounds of cocaine. That would put the value at approximately $15-million US$ or much higher, for street value.

There are no $30million drug operatives that are Belizeans, Whenever Belizeans are involved in a drug plane landing, They are the -mules- to do the labor work.

The Drug Plane landing near the border line of the Belize and Orange Walk district happened in the ‘wee-hours’ of Tuesday morning; would have had to have support and communication with someone in Belize, and not just a random landing.

That is the opinion of most Belizeans and even law enforcement professionals.

According to police reports, and locals in the area, the location where the Jet landed on Tuesday morning (Feb. 22nd.) is within 5 mile of several communities; namely Crooked Tree Village, Shipyard and Guinea Grass are all very close to the site.

For some recent history on Drug Jet landings:
1. On January 29th. 2021 a Drug plane crash landed in the Lemonal and Crooked Tree area.

2. On October 11th. 2020 a Drug-Jet landed near the same area and was dismantled with a back-hoe and berried not far from this recent landing on Tuesday morning, they are all near the community of Shipyard and the village of Crooked Tree.

Drug Jet: October 2021 near the community of ‘Little Belize’ – Camp 33