Shooting On Albert Street: ‘Lejean Rhamdas’ died Friday Night

A shooting incident happened this morning (Friday Feb. 18th.) sometime between 9.30 -10am At #56 Albert Street in Belize City,

The victim is 25yr-old Lejean Rhamdas; and the incident occurred at the site of a new car wash and water sellers business which opened in late 2021.

Initial reports are that 2 gun-men emerged from the alley across the street and shot at Rhamdas many times, Rhamdas then ran up Albert Street towards the Barrow Law firm; and shortly after he collapsed near ACC High School. Witnesses in the area said they heard as many as 10 gun-shots.

Lejean Rhamdas was recently released from prison, where he was held on a charge for unlawful possession of gun and ammo.

Lejean Rhamdas died on Friday night at the KHMH