Big-Up ‘Jamal Barrow’ Belize Is Real, Not A Stage For Performances

Jamal M Barrow, ‘aka Shyne’, aka, Moses Levy Michael Ben David
aka Shiny aka Rapper Shyne: on the Wendy Show

updated 3.15pm. Friday February 11th. 2022

Stage Names, Pet Names or ‘better-known-as‘ or, AKAs are for entertainment purposes and or (in Belize) an informal local custom that we say in a sort of friendly gesture.

But in official business and official documents, it is never used, because of the nature of the document and or official context of a office of authority.

If we were to all use pet names or nick-names in official context, then the Prime Minister of Belize would be ‘Johnny B’.
But we simply don’t do that because he is a person of official office. and once he became PM we all, including his closest friends do not say his nick-name.

A person’s true official name is a big deal. It goes on all legal documents, and thus, we wonder about the continuous use of ‘Shyne’, who has been rumored to want not to be called by his stage name, but his true name, ‘Jamal Barrow’ especially when the context is in an official capacity.
Or maybe, it is a commercialization of an official office for other self-promotion reasons.

In the 2020 Elections, 910 people voted for a person who’s real name is ‘Jamal Barrow‘, in the Mesopotamia constituency (the smallest in the nation, 1,715 ballots) , and that is how he is in the House of Representatives. In a country of almost 1/2 million residents, some may ponder the facts. He does not have any record of political history or public service, of truly improving the lives of people in Belize or anywhere else.

His recent efforts to do just that is applauded by us, but with no formal education of higher learning and no parliamentary experience, it is a tall and ambitious effort for the ‘Former Rapper’. His efforts may be based solely on the fact that his father is a former Prime Minister of Belize.

Yes, Jamal Barrow deserves every opportunity to gain our trust, a-second-chance to grow and truly serve the interest of the people of Belize; to make it a safer place for his main constituents that voted for him, and to encourage a positive lifestyle; even after making some mistakes as a young man.

Of Note, is that the streets in the Mesopotamia area still get 4-6 inches of water after a little down-pour, and we hope that Jamal Barrow canvas the Ministry of Works to try to improve the street-flooding problem in that area, in the near future, before he aspires for more.

On the Wendy Talk Show, Jamal Barrow told the audience and his hosts that he was ‘Leader of The House of Representatives’. ( a title of the Prime Minister ) many have commented on that incorrect statement, that maybe he doesn’t understand the post he holds, and also that he is giving the impression that we are a little backward country that promotes former gangsta-rappers to high office.

If his name is anything other than ‘Jamal Barrow’, then I have also just officially changed my name to ‘Archimedes’ (my college nick-name) with the Belize Name Change Authority, in Chan Pine Ridge.

On Thursday it was reported that Jamal Barrow made arrangements for Belize City to become a sister city with the worst City in America, Newark New Jersey. Our fact finding research has shown that Newark NJ has been listed as.

In the 20 Worst places to live by
in the top 3 of worst places to live – NBC News
Named in the top 10 poorest cities in America – WorldPopulationReview
50 most miserable cities in America by Business Insider
In the 35 poorest towns in New Jersey by (
On the list of most dangerous cities in America by CNNMoney

Written & Compiled by: / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Friday, February 11th. 2022 –