Prisoner Escapes Police At Courthouse In Downtown Belize City

After more than 3 months behind bars for an allege armed robbery back in September 2021, one prisoner could not take it anymore in lock down and chose to escape today after denied bail””22-year-old, Edward Saldano aka Scrubbie on the run- he escaped from police while at court today”

by Anita Nembhard- Flowers 
channel 1
Belize City, Feb. 9, 2022

Tonight, a well-known street figure is on the run after he manage to escape from police at the Belize City Magistrate’s Court cell block area, after he asked to take a pee break. 

It is not certain how 22-year-old Edward Saldano aka “Scrubbie” managed to put such a slip on the police and escaped. Why, for him to have made such a clean escape, Saldano had to have passed from the back corridor area, walked pass the block area and the front desk area where a police officer or two is usually posted before running or walking calmly out through the front door.

From what it appeared, he walked passed all these area slowly then when he reached the exit to the front door, that’s when he was seen bolting. It happened so fast like lightening a security guard said, and by the time they realized what had happened, he had already made his way out of the court parking lot at the back of the courthouse.

Exactly which direction he went after clearing those area is unclear.

One of two security guards posted at the back entrance of the court area recall seeing when the person bend low to clear his head under the verandah area and almost hit his head doing so but when he got back up, he bolted so fast jumping from the back verandah to the ground and then out of the parking lot where he disappeared. 

About 3 hours earlier, Saldano was taken into Court #1 where he appeared before Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser. He was denies bail and further remanded to the Belize Central Prison until April 7th.; in that case he was charged for robbery.

Saldano was the second of two suspects arraigned back in September of 2021 on a charge of robbery and aggravated assault with a firearm. He was denied bail and has been on remand since his arraignment which had occur in September 2021.

Both he and Bijoun Barela were accused of robbery upon Mark Rhaburn whose $1,500 gold chain was pulled from his neck; and they were also charged with aggravated assault upon Revenue Collector, Lisbey Leal who owns the home that was on renovation on Regent Street West.