Auditing & Measuring Results In “The New Digital-Ways-Of-Doing-Everything” ( teaching & learning )

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Can you remember the last time you sat in a dark auditorium to watch a movie with hundreds of people, or, sent a ‘hi-how-are-you-letter’ to a someone via the postal service, or- did a transaction in paper form only, or, made a phone call at a pay phone.

The simple fact is that we are doing the same things we did yesterday, before the digital-age. We are just doing it faster, and doing it more. – We are all reading more, making more phone calls, watching more movies and video content, and we are writing more letters, oH! pardon-me – I mean, we are sending more messages and emails.

EDUCATION & SCHOOLING (part 2) – (part 1)
As was written in yesterday’s NEWS-FLASH, The Caribbean Examination Council sent out the schedule for the various Exams that will take place all over the Caribbean ‘May -to-July 2022. and since the students all over the Caribbean have been doing this new thing called Hybrid-Learning, the Exams they will take in a few months will tell educators how well this new Hybrid-Leaning is working or not working. Measurable things like
(a) Retention of information learned will be a key indicator.

So we are all learning as we go, everyone is learning these new digital-ways of doing things, And teachers are at the front-lines of solving teaching methods, and are able to provide the DOEs with data on
(b) Are students doing better or worse, when learning by looking at a screen and or touching multiple choice answers, or are they just becoming animated-druids.

The author of this Article:
We believe that Exams, Tests and Quizzes should be just as difficult as they were before the digital-age came along just 15 years ago, (note: the first iPhone – touch-screen phone was released in 2007 ).

But the methods of testing should be crafted to align with the nuances of our new digital-age.

Q: Are the students of today, Better or Less educated than we were at that same level, 25 years ago (1997)

Q: Is knowing how to use a smart-phone really fast a sign of being well-educated.

Q: We are all consuming much more information than we did, before the digital-age-tools. How does this affect the retention of information or the way a formula is remembered or how it should work.

Quiz Yourself & Quiz Your Kids
Can you explain to a 10 year old, or can a 10 year old explain the difference between Latitude and Longitude.

Which side of a right-triangle is the opposite and do you know the formula to calculate the length of the hypotenuse.

In a quiz of multiple-choices, the answers are there for them to see, but would it be known without those multiple choices, when it’s needed to apply in a real-world scenario.

Here is what Wikipedia says ‘Hybrid-Learning’ is

Following along with the trend of changes, The Title of this section will soon be “Lifestyle, Business & Technology‘ Because these new mediums has changed the way we do everything.

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