CXC – CSEC & CAPE Exams ON-Track For May-July Timetable

The COVID Pandemic has affected the education system all over the Caribbean; It has been like Medieval-Times for some, when children did not go to school, and started working at age 10.

So drastic, ‘the impact of the ‘COVID Pandemic’ on students and teachers, that there are some students and parents that have become less accustomed to going to school and studying.

However the process of leaning and examinations is still the method to gain your diploma and Certificate of Education.

To that regard, exams are still vital and ‘The Caribbean Examination Council’ (CXC) has advised all applicable Schools, DOEs, High-Schools and Jr. Collages that CXC Exams, CSEC, CCSLC, CAPE Examinations and CVQ Assessments will be administered in the usual May-July timetable.

Written & Compiled by: / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Monday, February 7th. 2022 –