The Legal Technical Argument Of Patrick Faber’s Resignation or Non Resignation

Similar to a person saying “He was drunk’ when he said this or that, could actually be the legal argument made by Partick Faber. – Then says, “He thought about it afterwards and realize he didn’t really want to resign“.

updated: Sunday, February 6th. 7.40pm.

The technicality of Patrick Faber’s Resignation or Non-Resignation is making for some interesting conversation in legal circles and elsewhere.

The legal situation is somewhat of a quandary, because according to the U.D.P Constitution, only a ‘National Convention of Delegates’ can remove the leader of the Party; -or- If the Party Leader resigns.

The huge legal technical issue could actually go to the courts, because the verbal resignation by Mr. Faber, could be argued happened under the circus of publicity of a domestic abuse report.

But !, it actually gets even more interesting, because yesterday, Saturday February 5th. the following happened; and the statement by “The Vice Chairman of the UDP Alberto August” reads as follows.

quote – –
The National Party Council met virtually for over six hours today.
Contrary to what many of you have been hearing, the Hon. Patrick Faber was not removed by the National Party Council

The NPC has no authority to remove a Party Leader. That authority is bestowed only upon the National Convention.

The Hon. Patrick Faber voluntarily resigned from the post as Party Leader.

The question put to the NPC was whether to accept his unwritten resignation with effect from, January 31 as he had announced on the media or to make the date of his resignation effective March 27 when a new Party Leader is elected by the National Convention.

The vote went 49 to 48 to accept his resignation with effect from January 31. Consequently, the Hon. Hugo Patt, Deputy Party Leader, accepted the appointment to serve as the Party’s interim leader until a new Party Leader is elected, by the National Convention, on March 27, 2022.

Whoever is elected Party Leader on March 27 will also be appointed as Leader of the Opposition before the end of March 2022.”

end quote – –

Patrick Faber’s statement on January 24th. to resign as UDP Party Leader has been accepted by the UDP National Party Council by a margin of 1 vote. It is now evident that Mr. Faber has reversed course and sill has a lot of support within the NPC ranks.

statement copy

Written & Compiled by: / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Sunday, February 6th. 2022 –