Belizeans Getting Impatient With Highest Fuel Prices, up 40% Since January 2021

The cost of all fuels: Regular & Premium Gasoline, Diesel and Kerosene are up considerably, in comparison with January 2021.

Is it the fault of the Government ? The simple answer is NO !

Can the Government make the price at the pump go down. YES !

Will the Supplier in Texas and Wholesalers in Belize reduce the price. Yeah right !

In the United States ( The American Automobile Association) which tracks the cost of fuel in the U.S , reports that gas prices have increased by 40% in the past 2 years

This afternoon (Fri. Feb. 4th.) at the House of Rep. Session the Prime Minister mentioned; in response to Leader of Opposition statements, . . .
The PM said that the acquisition cost of fuels has increased by $3.40 since 2020 (the pandemic started) and
The government has not increased any taxes on fuel, it is the same as it was during the previous administration.

All gasoline in Belize (those imported legally) come from PUMA Energy; which imports it from suppliers in Texas, who deliver it to Belize via ships that berth at the Port in Belize City: Caesar Ridge Road Depo.

The only way that prices go up is when the suppliers in Texas change the price to the Wholesaler.

The government of Belize, past and present tac-on a 48% tax on all fuels sold at gas stations and other fuel retailers.

Below is a list of Premium-Gas prices in neighboring countries and CARICOM member states. In Barbados the price of gas is approaching $16 a gallon.

Regional Premium Gas Price: Data Source: Global Petro Prices
Guatemala $4.32US/Gallon – $8.64Bz/Gallon
Mexico $4.40US/Gallon – $8.80Bz/Gallon
Jamaica $5.40US/Gallon – $10.80Bz/Gallon
Honduras $4.48US/Gallon – $8.96Bz/Gallon
Cayman Is $5.60US/Gallon – $11.20Bz/Gallon
Barbados $7.92US/Gallon – $15.84Bz/Gallon

The most expensive gasoline in the world is sold in Hong Kong at $21.40 Bz$ a gallon. ( to calculate: multiply 1 liter price x 4 x 2 for Bz$ )

Worldwide Gasoline prices, per litre in $US – 31-Jan-2022

Written & Compiled by: / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Friday, January 4th. 2022 –