Are Siblings Dennis & Vilma Ayala In The U.S ? – Or Still On The Smuggling Route ?

On Monday the Belize Police Dept. issued a missing persons flyer
for siblings ‘Dennis Josue Ayala 10yrs-old’ and ‘Vilma Rosemary Ayala 9 yrs-old’.

They were reported missing by their grandparents, who were the legal-gradian’s, and whom they lived with in the ‘Valley Of Peace’ community in the Cayo District.

The grandparents of the children were shocked to learn, via a phone-call, that the children were on there way to the United States, and their father, who lives in the U.S is the person who has reportedly facilitated the smuggling of the children.

Initial police reports are that the children went to a party or function over the weekend and when they were expected to be in school they were absent.

It is unknown if the children have reached the United States, and why the grandparents were only notified 5 days after the children were missing.

Channel 1 will continue to follow the latest development about the children.