Belize Strengthens Trade Relations & Export Opportunities

The Government of Belize is improving the export sector by forming new relations and or advancing greater corporation with neighboring countries. At the top of that list are the traditional regional export markets and including the U.S and the UK.

But the relationship with Mexico as a primary recipient of Belize’s products has been constantly improving; and today the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade made another step forward to improve our exports to Mexico.

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Eamon Courtenay -and- CEO in The Ministry Amalia Mai

A high-level meeting (virtual) on Wednesday between Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Hon. Eamon Courtenay and Mexico’s Secretary of The Economy: Senora Tatiana Carrillo was all about finalizing and fine tuning the details of new initiatives and trade-agreements between Belize and Mexico.

Beyond the usual agricultural products that Belize produces in large quantity, the important question that those who want to sell small quantity products in Mexico is, “would your product be profitable, viable and competitive in Mexico ?”.

A View Of Small Business Challenges
Many Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs would like to export their products and or services to neighboring countries; but the challenge to that desire are often tempered by traditional-old methods that the government must do everything.

If a Small-Business wishes to explore market opportunities in Quintana Roo Mexico to sell any home-grown Belizean product, the belief is that it can only happen if the government is involved.

example: A small farmer in rural Belize wishes to explore market opportunities in Quintana Roo MX. for their high-quality roasted cashew seeds, or some other specialty product that can be sold at a premium profit to a high-value buyer, such as a specialty store or hotel chain in that Mexican State.

” The new thinking should be to research, explore and export to that market while following government regulations “.