How Should Belize Play To Win The Next Game -vs- Nicaragua

Belize was trounced by Nicaragua’s national football team 4-to-0 in the Saturday night game. So the focus today Sunday is how the Jaguars (Belize’s National Team) can do a come-back win when they play the same team in the next friendly game in the same stadium Nicaragua’s National Footballe Stadium on Tuesday Feb. 1st.

Ball movement by the Belize team was very good, but it seems that after some great ball-movement to get down-field; a strategy to get the ball in the net is lacking,

On several occasions the Jaguars got very close to scoring a goal, but just didn’t seem to have a scoring strategy.

Video Segments: courtesy FFB Belize

There were several opportunities that Belize could have scored.
In this segment Belize had a great opportunity, after an interception, but didn’t convert the intercept into a goal.

Take a look at the following segments of goals 3 and 4 by the Nicaraguan’s it was just too easy for them; especially in the 3rd goal scored by the Nicaraguan team was a bit embarrassing.

Nicaragua’s National National Football StadiumClick Here for Google Map

In game 1 the Nicaraguans did not dominate in Defence. The Belize team was just coming up short in scoring, even after very-good offence to get in scoring territory.

The 1st goal by the Nicaraguan’s was scored in the 19th. minute and then 3 others thereafter. (see score time below)

B. Bonilla 19′ 1 – 0
J. Barrera 28′ 2 – 0
M. Moldskred 50′ 3 – 0
B. Ayerdis 87′ 4 – 0