Stevedores Back At Work At Port Of Belize Ltd.

This afternoon (Jan.28th.) the good news traveled fast to many businesses that the Stevedores had voted to go back to work at PBL and the week-long strike had ended.

A ‘Press Statement’ from the CWU confirmed that the strike, which affected both imports & Exports was over and Stevedores were back at work this morning.

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Several hundred containers are off-loaded every week at (PBL) by the Stevedores, and the decisions made by the ‘Arbitration Tribunal’ late yesterday (see PDF Doc ) made it all happen.

PBL has been directed to make
1). ‘Primary Stevedores’ listed as ‘Registered Stevedores’ and to promote

2). Secondary Stevedores to Primary Stevedores, and they will also be

3). Invited to participate in the work-men Insurance Coverage provided by PBL.

Late in the evening of Thursday January 27th. the Union leaders took a vote of the workers; who unanimously voted to go back to work, since PBL will honor their commitment to provide Insurance coverage for secondary Stevedores and also honor, / reinstate wages from past agreements.

The Government has also indicated they will provide some sort of benefit package to off-set the hardship encountered by the Stevedores during the strike.

Written & Compiled by: / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Monday, January 28th. 2022 –