Winston ‘TANGA’ James, Shot In Belize City,

by Anita Nembhard-Flowers
channel 1
Belize City, Fri. Jan. 21, 2022

Winston Joseph James Jr. aka “Tanga” was gunned down on East Canal just minutes after appearing in two court matter and a visit to his attorney office on church Street.

Winston ‘Tanga’ James was driving this SUV when he was shot, The vehicle then crashed into a nearby fence

Today, the case where he and co-defendants, Brandon Tillett, and brothers, John and Sheldon Grinage were accused of displaying gang membership in a video that went viral showing them with high powered weapons which landed them behind bars, but were granted bail.

They were all schedule this morning to appear before Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser in Court #1. But in her absence, the men saw their case adjourn and just when the hard rain came, they got stock sheltering under the court verandah for a while.

He appeared before Judge Justice Lord in a virtual case matter that also ended in an adjournment

The DPP crown had made an application for Winston ‘Tanga’ James Supreme Court bail to be revoked but there was a bench warrant out for Tanga by Judge Lord who ordered that he present himself to court today since he was out on bail through the Magistrate Court for a separate case , that case was for possession of a control drugs with intent to supply.

But today at his bail revocation matter, it was adjourned for next week Friday, January 28, 2022 where the matter would be heard in arguments in the Supreme Court before a decision could be made to determine if Tanga was in violation of his Supreme Court bail.  

Attorney, Orson “OJ” Elrington told us that James case was adjourn and that he had visited his office shortly after the adjournment this morning where he spend about 5 minutes at his office speaking with him before leaving.

Just a few minutes later Winston ‘Tanga’ James Jr. was gunned down behind the wheel of a Nissan Pathfinder SUV at ‘East Canal Street’ and Prince Street.

James at the time was in the company of Marybeth Wade. She is the ex-girlfriend of James who had bailed him in 2021 when he was in jail for another offense.

Attorney Elrington shared with us his grounds for the application of bail revocation to be withdrawn, was since there is no basis to the matter in his opinion.

He explained off camera that the most recent and last Magistrate Court case where James appeared on three criminal charges of possession of ammunitions and possession of a control drugs with intent to supply to another, and for possession of drugs, are the charges that has lead to the DPP office seeking his bail revocation.

But on December 6, 2021, Tanga never saw any such court action taken against him. Instead he met bail for the drug charges and everything else seems to have gone water under the bridge until his recent bail revocation that surface a month later.

But according to his attorney, Elrington, the DPP crown has since made an application before the Supreme Court that Tanga having been charged back in December 2021 on three criminal offenses was in violation of the conditions of his Supreme court bail since he had been ordered to not be arrested and charge with any other offenses whilst out on bail.

In December 2021, James Jr., was fined $1,500 for 5 bullets found at is home during a police search. Both James and his girlfriend that were at the residence were offered bail in the sum of $5,000 each, which they met. 

He and his pregnant girlfriend, Erica Armstrong 19 were not due back in Court until February 7, 2022.