ACTIVE CASES Of COVID Rockets To Alarming Levels

There are currently 6,545 people listed as ‘Active COVID Cases’ in Belize, and if that wasn’t enough info to scare you to be more careful and sanitize more often, then there’s more. That is the highest number of people ever listed as ‘Active Cases’ by the Ministry of Health, and there’s more.

According to global statistics, the real number of people that are victims of the COVID-19 variants in any given country are usually 5-to-7 times higher than that, with the knowledge that those people has just not been screened yet.

Ministry of Health January 12th. 2022 Infographics

Such as, Brazil, or, in the U.S, which reported 1.4-million on Tuesday, those were newly discovered people, which would mean that there are statistically 7-to-12 million people in the U.S with COVID-19 that have not been discovered yet.

Statistics is one of the key scientific methods in fighting the COVID Pandemic. When done right, statistics will indicate trends and other data; that will enable better results in understanding how and where to focus our resources in fighting the increase in Active Cases.