A New Normal In ‘Teaching & Learning’ – A Solution To The COVID Crisis ( Part 1 )

Many Schools Stayed Shut, But Will Open By End Of Month
– MoE Belmopan –

Part 1 : of ‘digital Teaching & Learning’

Although 570 Schools were given the green-light from the Ministry of Education (MoE) to open on January 10th., only 198 Schools actually opened for Face-to-Face classes. But the MoE. says that more schools will open by end of month.

The Ministry Of Education now faces a huge PR Challenge, of how to convince parents that schools will be safe for their children and how to actually make the schools safe from COVID.

Image Credits: Ed Tech Magazine

Those are the new challenges, in addition to the usual management issues that actually happen in the classrooms, ‘How do we continue the Teaching and Education of children’ in these times, where several COVID regulations are making the duties of teaching a much higher wall to climb than is normal.

But the overriding opinion of teachers and parents are that children must go back to school at some point, and making it safe from COVID, and creating new methods of teaching and learning is just the new normal.

“The new normal in ‘Teaching Methods and Learning; is here, we will have to embrace these technologies and fit them to the likes of educators in Belize”
Said ‘Michael M Barrow’ the Manager of Csygen Interactive and Owner of Digital Belize Dot LIVE.

The above article is part 1 in the coverage of ‘digital Teaching & Learning’

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