The Mercy of A Christian Mother: Man Walks Free From Serious Jail Time. THE COURT REPORT, January 11th. 2022

Travis Navarro, 27, escaped jail after his young victim wants no court action against him- Minor 16 told police he pulled a gun and pointed it at him!

by Anita Nembhard-Flowers
channel 1
Belize City, Tues. Jan. 11, 2022

Travis Tyler Navorro is a free man, after being charged of pulling a gun and pointing it at a 16-year-old minor. This morning Navarro who was unrepresented in court saw the charge of aggravated assault upon a minor dismissed for want of the prosecution. 

That is because the victim who is only 16 and his Christian mother, a 35-year-old mother of Majestic Alley has forgiven him for the crime he did to her young son. 

Sharon Fraser the mother; in the presence of her son addressed the court requesting no further court action against Navarro. The mother in particular who spoke for her son said she was very disappointed that Navarro a Youngman who recently came to hang out in the neighborhood would behave in such a manner towards her son.

She said that while she is a Christian she also refuse to make anyone walk over her or her children and violate them in any way, but that she believe in giving people second chance and that is just what she did today in court, giving Navarro a second chance.

The accuse himself admitted to doing wrong.

He told the Chief Magistrate, Fraser in court today that yesterday in fear he never admitted to having a gun but realized the wrong he did. He said the gun was old and not working and was also empty but claim he only had the gun in his hand but never pointed it at the minor.

He expressed that he was very sorry for his action and claim he felt disrespected by the teenager and regret the action he took.

In court Navarro had to apologized to both Mother and her son in open court and his apology was accepted. 

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