A National Crisis of Fatal Gun Violence In Our Communities

Based on current information from the Belize Police Dept. the double murder of
Justin Milligan and Raymond Dominguez, (shown right) are not
connected with the fatal shooting of Joshua Flores (left)

Less than 72 hours after the double murder of 21 yr-old Justin Milligan and 36 yr-old Raymond Dominguez in Sandhill village in rural Belize District, there has been another fatal shooting of a teenager.

But If you tried to find information about that double murder in the news today it may be difficult, because 3 more shootings including the murder of Joshua Flores occurred after that.

This is a crisis in our communities, of young people, and especially our children have become desensitized to violence and fatal outcomes.

That double murder in Sandhill has been eclipsed by another fatal shooting; this time in Dangriga, a 15 year old ‘Joshua “Mundo” Flores’ was murdered on Wednesday night, January 5th.

Initial reports are that Flores was walking on a dirt road at about 7.30pm Wednesday night with 3 other teens when one of the teens pulled out a gun and fired several shots at Flores.

Joshua “Mundo” Flores

Reliable reports also say that Flores may have been with them against his will.

Joshus Flores was taken to the Southern Regional Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

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