Exports From Belize To Other Nations Improved Significantly In November 2021

In the months leading up to the Belize Investment Summit of 2021 the John Briceno Administration tried to improve the Export of Belizean grown Agri-products to other nations, and in November of 2021 a significant improvement was realized.

From $21.5-million in November 2020 -to > $33.5-million in November 2021.

SIB Statistics

The top 5 recipients that purchased products grown and produced in Belize were
(1) England
(2) Caribbean Nations in CARICOM Union
(3) The European Union
(4) Central American Countries
(5) United States

SIB Statistics
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Sugar Leads – Citrus Must Catch Up
(1) Earnings from sugar rose sharply by more than $3 million, from $3.1 million in November 2020 – to – $6.2 million in November 2021.

(2) Revenues from animal feed went up by $2.3 million, from $2 million – to – $4.3 million, as Belize saw increased exports of this commodity being sold at better prices during the month.

(3) The country exported more lobster tails at higher prices, earnings from marine products grew by $2.2 million, from $2.9 million -to- $5.1 million.

(4) Revenues from bananas improved slightly, by $0.6 million from $7.9 million in November 2020 -to- $8.5 million in November 2021.

Earnings from crude petroleum in November of this year amounted to $0.2 million, while there were no exports of this commodity recorded in November of last year.

Belize has always had a significant ‘Citrus Industry’ but the decline in producing and exporting Orange Juice, Grapefruit Juice and other fruit products has not been as productive in the past 3 years due to less crop yields and other factors. Some say the Citrus Industry Growers in Belize need a boost to reach the capacity of the Pomona Valley Plant.
( Invest in Belize / Citrus Article / Segment )

At the November 2021 Invest In Belize Summit’ the government announced that an infusion of $15-million ($Bz), is earmarked for improving the Citrus sector, which was as important as sugar exports just a few years ago.

According to the government’s plan. the money will be distributed as loans to Citrus Farmers VIA the DFC, and should improve the Citrus sector.

But the yields will not be realized for at least 3 or more years, since that is the amount of time the new citrus-orchards that were in plant-nurseries in mid 2021 will begin bearing fruits that will be ready for harvest and processing.

The return-on-investments (ROI) in new Citrus orchards is a little different from other farming sectors, since you plant one-time and then reap fruits for 15 or more years.

Written & Compiled by: channel1Belize.com / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Monday, January 3rd. 2022 – channel1belize@gmail.com