Reported Missing – Found Safe – Found Dead & Public Safety

Updated September 2022 – (latest news article below)

A disturbing trend of being ‘Reported Missing’, and after a few days the child or person is reported to have been found safe, seems to have gained popularity. The trend could be a hindrance to those children and people who are truly missing and need the attention of law-enforcement and the community to be vigilant for the safety of our people.

In the past few months many children have been reported missing, then found safe a few days later. And, the ‘Found Safe’ announcement does not indicate what happened or if it was an error or just a lack of communication by that person.

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The net effect !, is that whenever any child or adult is reported missing, the public and authorities will summerly disregard the report as just a child that has gone to a relative or friend, or an adult that has just decided to leave their home for a few days. This is a disturbing trend that will cost lives because future missing persons will not have the benefit of being searched for, or found before criminal acts occur.

On August 30th. 2010 the siblings Benjamin Rash and Onelia Rash vanished from the village of San Marcos in the Toledo district. They were on the roadside selling fruits on the highway. They have not been found; and the parents have been traumatize to the point of believing that bad-spirits (devils) may have taken them,.

11 yr-old Benjamin Rash and sister 9yr-old Onelia Rash
If they are alive they would be 22 and 19 years old

Others have been intentionally silent, and some have a strange and bizarre belief that they carry special gifts, and that devils want to make a deal with them. Rumors include: that some are communicating with anonymous entities thru their smart-phones and indicating their willingness to be silent, and taking selfies with their hand over their mouth as a signal to the anonymous ‘demons’.

The list and photos below shows persons reported missing, who were found safe a few days later, and it shows several persons that were reported missing, only to be found dead.

According to data and news reports, and information from the Belize Police Department’s missing persons flyers, over 115 persons were reported missing from January 1st. 2021 to December 30th. 2021. Some of those persons were later found dead, but about 90% were listed as found safe, with little or no explanation.

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A very high ratio of people are reported missing in Belize, then Found Safe, the logic and reasoning is very strange, and hurts the people that are really missing and maybe in danger.
Some have mentioned that being reported missing is a bizarre game and is being done just to get their photos in the news.

Reported Missing December 29th. 2021
Scarlet Quinote reported missing from Trial Farm Village Orange Walk District: Found Safe
Henrdick Jimenez, Reported Missing, Found Safe
30 year old Jarid Usher reported missing June 2021_not_found
Ciriaco Cocom Reported Missing: Body Found 12-27
14 year old John Grajalez reported missing 12-28 found safe 12-29

On Friday December 31st. 2021, the following flyer was issued by the Belize Police Dept.

Belize City, Wed. May. 5th. 2.50pm
Police have released information and confirmation from the family that the body of Еmіr Саnѕіnо Јr. was found in a bushy area off the John Smith Link Road earlier today May 5th.

Еmіr Саnѕіnо Јr. was reported missing when he did not return home after attending a concert at BTL Park (Park Fest).

Kady Blanco Found Safe

May 7th. 2022 (Belize Police Dept.) “Kady Blanco has been reported as FOUND-SAFE shortly after being reported missing.

Reina Mis of Arenal village in the Cayo district was last seen / reported missing on May 7th. 2022

Joel A Cunil was reportedly found wondering on a feeder road not far from his home on May 31st. 2022

Jaylen Miller was reportedly last seen on June 3rd. and was only reported missing on June 11th.

On June 16th. he was reported found safe and in good health.

10 year old Tamar Reneau was reported missing on Friday, June 24th. 2022
Boots Crescent area Belize City.

The body of 35 year old Allen Martinez was found on September 12th. in a gravel-pit just off the ‘John Smith road’ He was last seen on September 3rd. 2022 (Carnival Day) and was reported missing on September 5th.