The Court Report: December 21st. – 6 Teenagers Charged With Breaking Into Bangladeshi’s Home

3 teenage girls and 3 teenage boys including a set of twin brothers all arraign for Burglary at Bangladesh national home on Friday in the city!

by Anita Nembhard-Flowers
channel 1
Belize City,
Mon. Dec. 20, 2021

Tonight a set of twin boys and a 19 year old are on remand while 3 teenage girls are out on bail after the group were all arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court on a single charge of burglary after a home invasion of a Bangladesh national home on the Southside of BelIze City.

This afternoon at around 1, 19-year-old, Cameron August, a Car Washer of Caesar Ridge Road, Belize City along with a set of twins brothers ages 17, and three female, identify as 19-year-old, Sheniq Martinez, of a Supal Street address, and 18 year old Tamia Pollard, a student and Amayah Trapp, 18, both of Belize City.

The group of six persons were arraigned this afternoon at around 1 before Magistrate, Audrey Grinage in Court #6. ;
They were all read a single charge of burglary and one count of handling stolen goods for items allegedly found in their possession on Friday.

Allegations are that on Friday, Dec. 17, 2021, they all entered as a trespasser, the home of Bangladesh national, MD, Rahman located at the corner of Currasow and Warrie Street and stole, a Samsung Galaxy cellphone valued at $400, a black Chinese touch screen phone value $300, a silver brand flip phone value$300, 4 bottle of Caribbean Rum, 4 box of Benson cigarettes, $60 worth of Colonial cigarettes, along with cash including $300 US currency, $3,400 in Belize currency and $500 in Belize coins, property of MD Rahman.

In court, they all pleaded not guilty. Prosecutor in the case, Sgt. Christopher Smith objected to bail for Cameron August, defendant one on the grounds that he is a frequent visitor to the court with a record of 3 convictions for crimes of dishonesties and a recent burglary case before the court with 2 others active. Prosecutor Smith was of the view that if granted bail with his record, August may very well commit himself again and be right back before the court in no time.

After a short adjournment, Magistrate Grinage granted bail in the sum of $1,000 to the three female and no bail offered to the 3 males. Their casewas adjourned for Feburary 21, 2022.

Police report on the home invasion is that according to Store owner, MD.Rahman of MD Grocery, at around 3:30.p.m., he was asleep in his house, when he was wakened by several punches to the face.Rahman said when he opened his eyes, he came face-to-face with his attackers who were already inside his home.

The men who wore masks, then held him down while another tied him up. Then, he said, they ransacked his room and stole, $4,600, three Cellular Phones and a wooden drawer containing approximately $1,500 from his shop. His attackers then exited through the front door and manage to escape.

Police launched and investigation into the latest home invasion which led to the discovery of several of the stolen items including,$1,778,38.00 dollars in cash in different denominations, $137.35 in cash, a gold Samsung J3 cell phone and a bottle of Caribbean Rum hence why they were charged with one count of handling stolen goods.