5 Years After A Heinous Murder In Mahogany Heights: The Court Report: Friday December 17th. 2021

5. years later allege killer now 8 months pregnant, charged for brutal stabbing of 17 year old in Mahogany Heights teenager death, Jasmine Peyillo- 8 months old pregnant mother, Sheelreema Neal is arraign after critical evidence linked her to murder scene-DNA says she did it, according to police evidence!

by: Anita Nembhard-Flowers
channel 1 Belize.com
Belize City,
Friday. December 17, 2021

And after more than six months of what was a gruesome murder gone under the bridge with all the evidence turn cold, well!, the Belize Police Department says not this time for the alleged killer/ killers of a young Mahogany Heights teenager. ‘Jasmine Petillo’.

Shereema Neal

Petillo’s heinous murder was a very senseless one where her killer/ killers after stabbing her multiple times, wrapped her body in a quilt and then dragged her some 400 yards outside of the house where she slept, then dumped her body in a ditch.

Today, one of those suspects from the 2016 murder was arraigned, she is 26-year-old Shereema Neal.

She appeared without an attorney (unrepresented) on Friday afternoon before Senior Magistrate, Aretha Ford in Courtroom #2.

Immediately after Neal stood up to be arraigned, Senior Magistrate Ford asked her if she was pregnant and that is when she confirmed to the court she is expecting a child.

Neal was read a single charge of murder; Magistrate, Ford explained to her that the charge of murder is an indictable offense which can only be done in the Supreme Court hence why she will not take a plea from her.

She further explained to her that due to the nature of the offense, no bail could be offered and she will be remanded to the Belize Central Prison.

Senior Magistrate Ford explained to her that she can apply for bail through the Supreme Court. Neal is due back in Court #2 in February 2022. 

Police say the teenager’s murder was a motive of revenge and linked it to another murder, that of Desmond Usher aka “Mumuch”Usher was murdered back in June 2015.

A year before Jasmine Petillo’s murder; Usher was the boyfriend of Shereema Neal and it is believed that ‘Jasmine Petillo’ was linked to his murder of ‘Usher. where allegations are that the now deceased ‘Jasmine Petillo’ made a phone call to ‘Desmond Usher’ and lured him to his death.

Police evidence indicate that Petillo was stabbed 57 times. Evidence collected from the scene of the alleged murder suggested that the teenager has slept the night at a friend’s homes where her attackers ambushed her stabbing her.

They then threw her body about 400 yards in a ditch. Police believe Petillo was fully clothed but because her body was dragged her clothes were rumpled and torn.

Initially back In 2016, police believed several persons were involved in the murder as one person. were detained and four others were being sought.

ACP Edward Broaster – OC, Eastern Division Rural said, “We have been doing significant investigation into that matter. We have identified the house in which we believe the young lady was killed. We have also managed to extract blood samples from the house which will be sent to the lab for DNA testing and that will give us the way forward in terms of charges and what have you in respect to that murder case. We have also found bloody clothing in another location which was discarded by another suspect and we are looking for an additional suspect where we will be doing DNA swab as well and sent to the lab for testing.”