Cane Grinding May Not Start Monday Dec. 20th. – ASR Echo’s Legal Obligation Of SICB, BSCFA Agrees


Based on the law, and as indicated in Friday’s press-statement from the ‘Sugar Industry Control Board’ (a.) The delivery of ‘Cane’ and the ‘Grinding of Cane’ cannot commence until the ‘SICB’ issues the go-ahead for those processes to begin.

A legal framework about the formation and rights of associations throughout the country of Belize, are also in-play; but in this instance ‘the associations that are involved in the sugar industry.

Of Note, is that ‘The Belize Sugar Cane Farmers Association’ (BSCFA) which represents 55%-60% of all cane farmers is an association that operates independently of other organization and based on the law, the government of Belize does not have legal jurisdiction of how associations functions. BSCFA as a unionized organization has its own rights as to when they choose to commence delivery, even if the ‘SICB’ gazettes the delivery and grinding to commence.

On Sunday afternoon (Dec. 19th.) a ‘Press Statement’ on ASR’s Stationary was reviewed by channel 1 and appears to be genuine. ASR is not in agreement with the legal stipulation pointed out by the SICB, but agrees that it is the law; the statement (letter) from ASR issued Sunday afternoon (Dec. 19th.) echo’s the legal statement by the Sugar Industry Control Board. (SICB).

ASR has said that cane farmers should not burn their field in preparation for delivery to the factory; and that the boilers will not be started for the processing of cane.

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Written & Compiled by: / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Sunday, December 19th. 2021 –