Land Borders Scheduled To Reopen On January 1st. 2022

At Tuesday’s regular weekly ‘Cabinet Meeting’ (Dec. 14th.) the government of Belize decided to officially open the ‘Land-Borders’ in the north with Mexico and the western border with Guatemala on January 1st. 2022.

G.O.B said that the requirements to enter Belize will be just as strict as for Air-Travelers entering the country, and those requirements will be published shortly.

Back in May 2021 the government sought to improve the tourism sector by opening the land borders to foreign tourists (only) entering Belize. It is not known how much improvement in tourist inflows and more importantly, if the decision caused any increase in the spread of the COVID-19 virus and variants.

The reopening of the borders is being celebrated by cross-border traders and buy-&-sell importers that go to Mexico to bring in cheaper supplies for resale. Money-Changers at the border will also benefit from the decision.

Of note is that the new COVID-19 Variant known as ‘Omicron’ has been detected in both Mexico and Guatemala, and at the time of this news-post it has been detected in 50+ countries.