The New Digital Landscape Of Work & Opportunities – Company’s Worth Billions, With No Main Office

Adjust Your Thinking: The Digital Age Is Very Different Than Our Parents World Of Business

This Week the government of Belize announced its E-Governance and Going-Digital Strategy to improve government systems and broaden economic opportunities to all Belizeans.

Stages Of Development, Digital Literate Communities
The first step to help all Belizeans utilize the new mediums is for them to have the devices that are best for internet commerce, that has largely been accomplished with the distribution of tablets and schools and neighborhoods equipped with Wi-Fi, the later has not been as prevalent as it could be.

Belize Launches E-Government & Digital Belize Strategy

The lightning pace of change in our ‘Digital World’ is an opportunity for many to reThink their views about business.

Although Belize is not on the chart below, Belize would rank in the top 7, when compared with those countries and based on basic service provided by telecoms in Belize (higher speeds available)
Data by Statista – CLICK TO ENLARGE

Although Belize is not on the chart above, it is ranked in the top 3 when compared with those countries
Data by Statista

Here are a few websites that you can check your internet speed.

ATT Speedtest

The main concept about business will never change, ie: ‘provide a good product or service at a competitive price’. But the way business is done, even if you don’t have a digital product, will surely require an adjustment about reaching customers, managing-&-staffing and instant delivery of your products.

Understanding The New Digital Landscape
Today there are several companies worth billions of dollars, with hundreds of employees, or should we call them contractors, or digital gig workers, – well, lets just call them employees that never go into an office and the boss have never met them in the flesh.

Oh!, that is so impersonal you say ! and so did I, but that is the new normal with these new companies with many happy employees, and they are worth billions. Not just on paper, but the hundreds of millions that is being provided as funding.

WORDPRESS (wiki data) – (valuation data $3billion)
You probably heard of WordPress, because 25% of all websites on the internet uses the WordPress CMS. The company has over 700 employees and thousands of developers that contribute to the platform; is worth over $3 Billion.

The company behind WordPress is closing its gorgeous San Francisco office because its employees never show up

An army of remote workers manage every aspect of the organization, and almost everything is done with apps, and they have a disdain for email.

In 2017 the company closed its main office in San Francisco CA.

HOPin (wiki data ) – (valuation data $5billion U.S)
This company doesn’t have a new fly-by-night product, its business model is just like ZOOM, – Never heard it ?, well now you have and its website has over 50 job openings that pay top dollar if you know how to do the job.

Today (December 7th. 2021) HOPin was the Video-Conferencing platform of choice for the Caribbean Development Bank’s ‘Cyber Crime Virtual Conference’

Johnny_Boufarhat: CEO & Creator of HOPin

The 27 year of British national ‘Johnny Boufarhat‘ developed HOPin which is worth an estimated $5billion USD.

Johnny Boufarhat not only has no office, he doesn’t even have a permanent home address, and at last check he was at an AirBnB in Barcelona Spain.

In a recent interview with BBC London, Boufarhat said,
“Being a fully-remote company allows us to do things that other companies haven’t been able to do before,” explains Johnny Boufarhat, from his latest Airbnb rental property in Barcelona, Spain.”

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