The Court Report: Monday Nov. 29th.


Call Center employee slaps up jealous baby Mama after leaving work place to drink with colleagues!

by Anita Nembhard-Flowers
Channel 1
Belize City, Mon. Nov. 29, 2021

A Call Center Agent who spent the last three nights in lock down for a Domestic dispute he had with a co-worker who is now his ex-girlfriend and who happens to be the mother of his son is lucky to be home and free of all charges.

Nineteen year old Manuel Ramos, a resident of Ladyville, pleaded guilty to common assault upon Keneisha Jones.

Ramos appeared unrepresented before Magistrate, Audrey Grinage in Courr #6 where he pleaded guilty to common assault. Allegations are that on Friday, November 26, 2021 he unlawfully committed a common assault upon Keneisha Jones.

Ramos explained that he never meant to harm Jones but that even after he ran to avoid her, she was persistent and she followed him and he did the unthinkable thing of hitting her.

He said he knew it was wrong hence why he is taking responsibility for his actions. Ramos explained that he and Jones work together at the same call center and on that day he left work with some co-workers to go drink.

He said whilst at a place drinking, Jones approached him and they began to exchange words. He said she was jealous and told him that when they were together he never use to take her out and asked him when he was going home. He told her to back off those timings and so he left. He claim she started to curse him out.

Ramos said he left the area, but Jones followed him and pulled him and that is when he claim she told him that if he is not with her, he will suffer like how he made her suffer and that is when he slapped her.

Ramos spent the entire weekend in lock down and today he told the court he is not even sure about his job anymore as he was unable to notify his boss as to his whereabouts.

For his guilty plea, instead of imposing a fine, Magistrate Grinage bound over Ramos to keep the peace for 3 months in the sum of $300.
She explained to him that he must not harm or interfere with Jones or else he will go to jail for 3 months.