New Fleet Of AC Busses Will Service The Southern Routes

Minister of Transport & Utilities Says “This is just the beginning of major improvements to the public transport sector

WE LOVE !!!! ‘GOOD NEWS’ and yesterday the Minister of Transport & Logistics and a team of business people showcased a new bus service with clean, neat, air conditioned busses that will soon be in service. No longer will Belizeans have to look and admire ADO Buses from our friendly northern neighbor. We now have the same quality.

“Next Stop !, go 100% electric and begin to build the charging infrastructure to recharge all electric busses”.

The company is called Floralia, and the busses are beautiful on the inside and outside. Inside you will have a armchair type seat, with foot rest, Air Condition, USB Chargers, Cup holders and video entertainment.

Big up to all those who bring better services and quality into the country, it’s long overdue. And, PLEASE KEEP THE BUSSES CLEAN AND NEAT BELIZEANS, It’s a reflection on you and our country.

The next part of the public transport system that is in need of some improvement is the ‘Bus Terminals’ throughout the country.

Current passenger load are approximately 3,500 – 5,000 passengers per day for all long haul bus routes, and that number is expected to triple in the next 5 years; due to the cost of fuel and the improved service that will become a viable option for more people that are not currently using the bus system.

Expansion and development in various parts of the country will also add to the daily passenger load, because transport systems and infrastructure are the arteries and lifeblood of a nation.