Drug Plane Landing: NEWS Flash Update

Monday, November, 8th. 7am.
11 Persons Charged In Connection With Drug Plane Landing
11 persons including 4 police officers will be charged with the landing of the Drug Plane (Thursday Night Nov. 4th./5th. on the Southern Hwy.) 3 of the police officers being charged are Nelson Middleton, Delwin Casimiro and Elmer Nah all 3 are members of ASP Marco Vidal’s Strike Team. The 4th. government employee is the driver for the DPP Cherlyn Vidal, wife of ASP Marco Vidal.

ASP Marco Vidal has not been charged with any crime and is not a suspect.
6 other persons are also being charged, Armando Martinez, Moises Perez, Juan Sanchez, Fredy Gongora, George Ferguson and (Mennonite) Heinrick Redecop .
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