In a scene and developments that could be straight out of the movie ‘American Made‘ staring Tom Cruise, the drug trafficking VIA Belize has become so active in the past few weeks you would think it’s a sequel to that movie, ‘even the plane is identical ! ‘,

Sometime last night (Nov. 4-5th) another drug plane has landed in Belize, the second in less than 1 week. In this instance the Twin-turboprop plane (jets do not have propellers) landed on the Sothern Hwy. near the Bladen Reserve in the Toledo district. (see map)

According to initial reports the plane was discovered very early this morning at approximately 4am. on November 5th.

Police visited the area and found the plane, many bales of suspected cocaine, many refueling containers and a stash of several assault weapons normally used by military personnel.

(click to enlarge)
A stash of military weapons found in a vehicle near the plane
Bales of suspected cocaine found near the plane
The inside of the plane, (Seats Removed to carry the drug cargo)

A reader may ask, ‘why so brazen’ to land on the highway, the probable short answer is that the COVID-19 Curfew of 9pm. to 4am. has been benefiting the drug-traffickers, since there would be no traffic on that Highway, especially during the wee hours before 4am.

In similar and possibly unrelated news, Prensa Libre in Guatemala is reporting that a drug jet landed in Champerico, Guatemala on a clandestine runway. The photos from the news article has drug packaging similar to the packages found near the plane that landed in Belize, very early Friday Morning November 5th.