Belize Withdraws Claim For Damages At Caribbean Court of Justice: Belize -vs- Trinidad, Seeks Only A Declaration

In the claim made to the ‘Caribbean Court of Justice’ Belize -vs- Trinidad & Tobago; concerning the importation of sugar by Trinidad, without adding the 40% Tariff (CET),.

Belize is no longer seeking damages (Money). The news happened this morning (Nov. 3rd.) at the second day of the virtual trial, where Attorney Andrew Marshaleck stated to the court that it seeks only a declaration by the court that Trinidad & Tobago violated the Treaty of Chaguaramas; made between all CARICOM member states.

Essentially meaning that a scolding by the court to Trinidad & Tobago; Declaring that it did violate the treaty.

Written & Compiled by: / https://digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – Wednesday, Nov 3rd. 2021 –