The Conflicting Case Of The Death Of Abrie Tuyul

On Friday evening (October 22nd) A woman who was reportedly 8-months pregnant was found dead in San Pedro town. According to initial investigation the body of 20-year-old Abrie Tuyul was found on the bathroom floor of her home.

But on Monday, October 25th. at the usual police press briefing, communications director Fitzroy Yearwood said that Abrie Tuyu was found hanging in the bathroom of her home; which would suggest that it was a possible suicide.

The common law husband of ‘Abrie Tuyu’ has been detained but there are conflicting reports of his involvement or if someone else was the cause or ( as has been widely circulated) that she or someone may have attempted to do an abortion; which would be technically impossible at 8 months, via that barbaric method.

  • Commentary –

Our society has become complacent and accepting so many atrocities in our communities. The focus of these problems seem to only last for as long as it is in the news; which is sometimes less than 24 hours. Which is then replaced by a new story of similar atrocities somewhere else.