A Seriously Comical Robbery

On Thursday a Caribbean Chicken delivery truck was robbed at gun-point in Belmopan by 2 armed robbers.

The robbers then locked the side-man ‘Daniel Magana’ in the chicken freezer (the back of the truck) where the temperature is a chilly 40 degrees, the robbers then drove away with the chicken truck, with the driver ‘Odin Herrera’ and the side-man locked in the freezer down several streets in Belmopan City.

Fearing for his life, the driver who was seated in the passenger seat, as the robbers drove his truck, he jumped out of the speeding truck like a stuntman, and called for help!.

The police were notified and dispatched to chase the truck, but by that time the robbers had already ditched the truck and ran away. The side-man was rescued from the freezer by police. Several hundred dollars was stolen from the days sales.

Police have detained one suspect and are looking for another.