BELIZE COMPARISON COVID-19 STATISTICS + Vaccination & Sanitization Is A Winning Strategy Against COVID-19

This chart indicates how Belize has been doing in our efforts to combat the COVID-19 Virus, in comparison to neighboring countries and countries in the CARICOM Union.

CountryVAX % Deaths
Oct. 14th.
Pop% Reuters Data
infection per 100K
BELIZE48% &39%457430,000352 per 100k
MEXICO53% &39%283,574130 Mil29 per 100k
JAMAICA19% &11%2,0723 Mil42 per 100k
GUATEMALA28% &17%14,20417 Mil52 per 100k
HONDURAS34% &26%10,08310 Mil29 per 100k
BARBADOS50% &39%108288,000704 per 100k
Trinidad 44% &40.5%1,5731.4 Mil94 per 100K
Bahamas590395,00098 per 100K
*data as of October 14th. 2021 NOTE,far right on the chart the disparity of cases per 100,000 in small countries and those with larger populations. A possible explanation is that countries with small populations have a higher rate of accuracy data.

In addition to getting Vaccinated:Here are a few tips to help eliminate (kill) COVID-19 virus from your home.

Wash Fruits and Vegetables in very warm or boiling water, the COVID-19 Virus cannot survive if you wash fruits and vegies in 150F-degrees or higher.

Spray your entire home with Lysol, or any very fine mist spray of a solution that has been designated to kill viruses.

Clorox wipes are costly, but effective against eliminating the COVID-19 Virus. Or a natural solution of lime juice water 10:1 mixture.

Spray the inside of your car with Lysol or any very fine misting spray that has at least 60-70% alcohol. Especially if it is used very often, such a a TAXI Cab, etc.

There are also a few unconventional Tips that if they seem to work then do them.
Blow your nose more frequently than you normally do. Because the COVID-19 Virus enters your body primarily through you nostrils.

The COVID-19 Virus is technically everywhere, so killing the virus is a survival strategy that works.

The Best Ways to Kill Coronavirus in Your Home
Whatever cleaning solution you use, let it remain in contact with the surface long enough to kill viruses and other pathogens. The time needed will depend on the chemical.

Don’t use different cleaning agents at the same time. Some household chemicals, if mixed, can create dangerous and poisonous gases.