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( data Source: Government. of Mexico / 2020 / 2021 pub)

The ‘logistics of transportation‘ and ‘Export/Import Regulations‘ are the most important, and can be the most difficult aspects of regional trade. The focus of this basic data are about. . . The closest Mexican States that are near to Belize’s northern border; are

State of QUINTANA ROO, MX.Main Cities & Demographics
State of Quintana Roo, MX.
Population 1,857,985 million (*2020)
Of the 32 states in Mexico
Quintana Roo is ranked #7 on a list of richest states in Mexico.
Capital City: Chetumal

There are 11 Municipalities in
the state of Quintana Roo

Benito Juárez
Felipe Carrillo Puerto
Isla Mujeres
José María Morelos
Lázaro Cárdenas
Othón P. Blanco
Puerto Morelos
(see map below)

City of Cozumel : 80,000
City of Cancún: 888,700
City of Chetumal: 170,000
Playa del Carmen: 305,000
( All data Source: Gov. of Mexico 2020/21 )

The Municipality of Benito Juarez / Cancun
61% Have Internet
91 % have Refrigerator
77% Have Washing Machine
41% Have a Car
12% Have a Motorcycle
18% Have a Bicycle
34% Have Reg, Phone
41% Have a Computer
95% Have a Mobile Phone
46% Have a TV
State Campeche, MX.Main Cities & Demographics
State of Campeche, MX.
Population 952,000 (*2018)
Capital: San Francisco de Campeche
The City of Carmen, in the state of Campeche (Ciudad del Carmen), Carmen is the main hub of Mexico’s Gulf Coast petroleum industry.
City of Carmen: 170,000
City of Campeche: 265,000
( All data Source: Gov. of Mexico 2020/21)
State of Yucatan, MXData for the Mexican State of Yucatan & City of Merida not listed

High-end Value Added Products (Related News Article)
Mexico has a developed agricultural sector that supplies most agricultural products to the local markets. But there are many opportunities to supply ‘High-end & Private Label products‘ that can be supplied from Belize.
So there should be a well thought out effort to research which products may be very marketable in the neighboring Mexican states of Quintana Roo, Yucatan and Campeche

Mexico’s import regulatory authority

The following chart shows that Mexico imported $393.25-Billion $US worth of goods and services in 2020.

Source: the following data chart Above by Statista – In 2020 Mexico imported 393.25 Billion UD$ worth of goods and services

Municipalities in the State of Quintana Roo. Mexico. – CLICK TO ENLARGE –

Market Data Example 1

  1. Want to know how much pepper-sauce is sold in Quintana Roo in 2020
  2. Want to know how much they sell for
  3. example: Q: What are the major brands of a certain product sold in Quintana Row or Jamaica
  4. Want to know detail logistics and marketing data in any Caribbean or Central American Country

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