The number of people and communities that are voicing their opinion about the ‘Mandatory Requirements for COVID-19 Vaccination’ is growing, and the Mennonite communities of Spanish Lookout, Blue Creek and Shipyard has just sent a rejection letter to Prime Minister Hon. John Briceno.

The following is the text content of the letter:

“Dear Prime Minister Briceño,

The Mennonite communities of Spanish Lookout, Blue Creek, and Shipyard wish you wisdom and peace as you guide our nation through our current circumstances. We trust that Government of Belize is seeking the well-being of all its citizens, and we understand that doing so requires making difficult decisions. We are committed to praying for you and your Cabinet.

Our communities are adamantly opposed to the vaccine mandates announced by Minster of Health Hon. Chebat. It appears that the fears of many of our community members have been realized in those mandates – that Government of Belize would force the vaccine on those who do not feel that they have sufficient reliable information or evidence to justify being vaccinated.

Those among us who feel the strongest will cite the familiar scripture found in Revelation 13:17 “so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.” Those who do not associate this event with that scripture are also vehemently opposed on the basis that it is a flagrant disregard for our human rights.

We emphasize that the pressure to get vaccinated reinforces the view that there is a sinister plot behind the mandates. If the vaccine works, let it speak for itself. When the government stifles freedom of speech and manipulates the public discourse, it causes more suspicion.

We encourage Government of Belize to continue public health campaigns, providing truthful, scientifically-proven information regarding the vaccines and associated risks and benefits, and allow each person the freedom of choice. Our people have had success with various alternative treatments.

We believe that a freedom to choose remains a core part of our rights as the citizens of a democratic nation.