Letter To Reinstate ‘Patrick Faber’ As Leader Of The Opposition Sent To GG

On Monday we received what was credible information that the embattled leader of the UDP was to be reinstated as ‘Leader of the Opposition’ in the House of Representatives’

Today (Wednesday September 15th.) the information has proven to be very credible; and the proof is in a letter that was signed by the necessary 2/3% of ‘opposition parliamentarians’: Tracy Taegar-Panton, Hugo Patt and Patrick Faber for himself.

Noticeable: is that the letter is not on any official letter head; but that technicality is not a problem as it seems that it has been signed by the official persons that can inform the governor general of the request to reinstate Patrick Faber.

At approximately 4.30pm this afternoon the Facebook page of Jamal Moses ‘Shyne’ Barrow had the following concession letter.

Patrick Faber now resumes the post he held just 10 weeks ago; when he was replaced by ‘Jamal Moses -Shyne- Barrow’; by a letter sent to the same Governor General.


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Editors Note: PDF of Letter 1

Editors Note: PDF of Letter 2