The art of I’m going to do this or that, and I can make big things happen for Belize is the promise that all or most politicians do, and then there are some politicians who really put in the hard work and permanently improve communities and the lives of the people of a nation, they do so by what they do every day they wake up. THIS IS NOT SUCH THE CASE

But before we be critical of this ambitious chap, floating on the coat-tails of his father, we can hope that by pointing out ‘FACTS’ that he may read, will cause a change to ‘REAL HARD WORK’ that can get good results for a nation.

Jamal ‘Shyne’ Moses Barrow has been a rap singer in his youthful days and then after several years of finding his tune he was appointed ‘Music Ambassador’ by his dad. ( Dean O Barrow ).

During his stint as ‘Music Ambassador’ and the fact that his dad was PM, and the fact that his dad was also chairman of CARICOM, during the yearly rotation.; This was the moment that we should have seen Shyne’s business acumen, his strategy and connections in the music industry to improve the quality of music produced here in Belize and the marketability of Belizean musicians. But that did not happen.

For comparison: The Jamaicans mounted an effort to improve the global marketability of their music, It is big business with huge earning potential. In 2020 figures indicate that Jamaican musicians marketed their product with well crafted strategy from the Jamaican Government and Trade Industry. And, in 2020 their efforts have earned them over $180million U.S-dollars.

So, maybe once again we can excuse the shiny-man, and say maybe he wasn’t ready to improve the music industry in Belize and maybe he wasn’t knowledgeable enough to do it.

After being elected as area representative for the Mesopotamia constituency in Belize city by 910 people, Shyne has leap-frogged in front of most if not all UDP political aspirants and became ‘Leader of the Opposition’ in the House of Representatives.

And, now we see that some Belizeans are actually buying into the idea that maybe, Shyne is bigger than MESOP, Shyne is bigger than the hard work at the BTB; and maybe Shyne is bigger than BELTRAID; – Shyne is bigger than the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and maybe Shyne is bigger than little Belize.

The promises that we allow politicians to ‘Hoodwink’ us with is astonishing. We as the people of this nation must and will send a message to all politicians. PLEASE!, do the real hard work that is required to get good real permanent results, and we will call you ‘Honorable’ and vote you back in, after you prove to us that you get good results.

PLEASE!, take the time to learn and put in the hard work; – PLEASE! take the time to learn of the vast business opportunities here in the Caribbean CSME (single market and economy), PLEASE! do the hard work and make the effort to attract ‘hundred-million-dollar investors’. PLEASE!, do not attract people who want to set up operations to exploit Belize and pay low wages to a few Belizeans, while proclaiming to be employing people.

Because there are clean investors out there in the world, that can be made to realize the opportunities in Belize, where they can make money, enjoy this little beautiful place, and do all that without exploiting a nation, a nation eager and hungry for its share of modern development and the masses of people living a higher standard of living, when they are employed in well paying jobs.

Jamal ‘SHYNE’ Moses Barrow is still finding his tune, and like many 40 something year old’s, he wants to make his big splash. Let’s encourage good results that are usually achieved through hard work, and actions that cause permanent improvement in the nation. Because shaking hands and photo-ops arranged and crafted by ‘a public relations management firm’ to garner, ‘look at me now !’, self promotion that does not benefit a nation is no longer acceptable. . . . . It’s 2021.

Let’s encourage hard work and real results !

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Jamal ‘Shyne’ Barrow, also known as Moses Michael Levi or Moshe Levi Ben-David, is the son of Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

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Written & Compiled by: channel1Belize.com / digitalBelize,LIVE Staff writer – 
Wednesday, September 1st. 2021 – digitalbelize@gmail.com