Belizean Police Officer Deported From Mexico: Illegal Border Jumper

Belizean police officer Mark Hinds from the Corozal district had a very interesting experience when he entered Mexico illegally by crossing into a southern Mexican village from Belize; by canoe !.

Police Officer: Mark Hinds

Well the Mexican authorities didn’t think ‘Hinds’ look like a Mexican when he tried to catch a bus heading to Chetumal from a village near the border on the Mexico side.

After the Mexican Federalies confirmed the ‘Hinds’ was from Belize and had entered Mexico illegally, they escorted him off the bus and notified Belizean diplomats in Mexico.,+Belice/@18.2580145,-88.5998225,2832m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x8f5bee41d958dc89:0xcbd9c4b243571f2a!8m2!3d18.2606674!4d-88.577065

Hinds spent the night in Chetumal immigration jail in Mexico and then handed over to Belizean authorities in Corozal as a deportee from Mexico, with all the paperwork to indicate the official handing over of a deportee from Mexico to Belize.

In unrelated news: The CASE OF ‘We Just Offer Perks For Riders’
it seems that many Belizeans and visitors are just getting impatient with the COVID Regulations and Curfew.

NOTE: This Photo was take when there was no COVID-19

In a recent incident a shuttle bus that caters to visitors and Belizeans has been rumored to be an illegal ‘Party Bus’, serving alcohol on-board and jamming music, even after curfew. The company has said that they are operating lawfully (with additional perks for riders) and are supporters of COVID Regulations. – Yeah We Totally Dig It

In yet another instance a boat owner has been fined and briefly detained for entertaining revelers on a catamaran-boat that departed from the ‘Princess Hotel’ Marina with many people having a good time and disregarding COVID Regulations.