The followingis the proposal for Cannabis Operation License :

(1) Every person who desires to store, market and otherwise sell cannabis shall apply in writing to the Commission for a Dispensary Operation License.

(2) An application under sub-section (1) shall–

(a) be accompanied by the prescribed fee; and

(b) provide a detailed business plan containing the following information–

(i) product and services to be offered;

(ii) full disclosure of any individuals who have or will have managing or operational control with respect to the applicant’s operations and facilities;

(v) full disclosure of any individuals who have invested in or have any other financial interest in company;
(vi) full disclosure of any individuals who hold interests or rights arising under shared management companies, management agreements, or other agreements that afford a third-party management or operational control with respect to the applicant’s company, its operations or the related facilities;

(vii) background check and INTERPOL clearance of all identified interested parties for review and screening by the Commission; and

(viii) prior year tax return from all individuals and legal entities in ownership structure;

(ix) detailed marketing and sales plan, including pricing strategy;

(x) proposal for providing cannabis products to consumers with hardship, charity care or medical needs;

(xi) detailed security plan for all operations including live video surveillance with video feeds available to the Commission; and

(xii) detailed energy efficiency plan for all operations.

(3) In considering the grant of a Dispensary License the Commission shall take into account the market demand, geography and any other relevant factors.

(4) The Commission shall grant a Dispensary License if –

(a) the applicant is 18 years or older;

(b) at least one citizen of Belize is in the ownership structure and on the management team of the proposed business;

(c) all operating facilities are compliant with recognized Current Good Manufacturing Practices; and

(d) the applicant, to the satisfaction of the Commission, provides the information required under sub-section (2).

(5) A person issued a Dispensary License shall be allowed to purchase cannabis only from the Central Nursery.

(6) A person issued a Cannabis Unity Project License who contravenes sub-section (5) commits an offence and is liable on summary conviction to a fine of fifteen thousand dollars and on conviction for a second offence, revocation of license.