Family of ‘Jasmine Hartin’ Launches ‘GoFundMe’ Page To Raise Money For Legal Expenses

Part 9 of 9
The Jasmine Hartin Saga:

The accused ‘Jasmine Suzanne Hartin’ and her family have created a ‘GoFundMe’ page seeking donations for the legal cost for her defense in the ‘Manslaughter By Negligence’ killing of Superintendent Henry Jemmott on San Pedro.

The 32 year old Hartin came to Belize 7 years ago and met the father of her fraternal twins, ‘Andrew Ashcroft’ who ‘reportedly’ has not offered help to ‘Hartin’.

Her defense attorney on record ‘SC Godfrey Smith’ and Bail attorney ‘SC Dickey Bradley’ have both stated that she is facing serious charges but SC Godfrey Smith said ‘she would be wise not to abscond the country since the case may not result in jail time.

This afternoon we checked out the ‘GoFundMe Page’ which has a photo with a ‘channel 5 watermark’ shows Hartin and her children next to her. At midday the ‘GO-FUND-ME’ page which was created yesterday July 5th. has already raised $350USD.

Despite all the troubles she has had in the past month, Hartin’s GoFundMe-Page states the her bANK account was hacked and she has been unable to access her finances.

Part 8 of 9 – The Jasmine Hartin Saga:

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